Ann Stowe


Ann is an avid potter, adept at spinning clay into beautiful pots. She helps clients transform the clay of their ideas into artful communication, too.

Ann Stowe first developed her sense of narrative while living in a mud hut on Kenya’s vast Serengeti, penning long letters home to her family. This was before e-mail, websites and cell phones bridged continents and cultures, and the isolation she experienced taught her two lessons: the importance of clear storytelling, and the value of face-to-face communication.

Though Ann didn’t realize it then, those lessons would later shape her approach to a career in public relations, corporate communication and consulting – an arena in which she helps clients distill complex thoughts, set clear priorities, and tell stories in emotive ways.

“Even in the age of Twitter, you still have the opportunity to be thoughtful, and to tell a compelling story,” Ann said. “I help my clients keep it real, and avoid overcomplicating things.”

Ann joined the ROI Communication consulting team in 2017. Earlier in her career, she served as Senior Director for Corporate Communications at Gap Inc., as Senior Vice President at Porter Novelli, and as Vice President for Corporate Communications at Yahoo!. Ann also has more than five years’ experience leading an independent consultancy. In all of these roles, Ann helped diverse teams develop and execute global strategies, facilitate major transitions, and manage daily communications.

Projects have included expediting mergers and acquisitions, managing digital publications, engaging audiences through social media, explaining employee benefits, facilitating leadership transitions, producing print collateral, writing speeches and counseling senior leaders in times of crisis. This diverse and frequently intense experience has endowed Ann with keen judgment, enabling her to advise clients on a wide range of challenges and opportunities.

Ann earned a BA in English from Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. When she’s not working, she loves reading biographies, visiting art museums and galleries, cooking, practicing yoga and walking Henri, her loyal dachshund.