Anne Kearney

Senior Consultant

Anne loves musical theater, and studies how iconic songwriters such as Cole Porter and Irving Berlin achieved their best work. Her goal? To bring some of that same poetry, playfulness and possibility into the working world.

Anne Kearney got off to a fast start as a writer – at Runner’s World – and hasn’t slowed down since. And though her focus soon shifted from fitness to business, she still strives to tell stories that grab readers and won’t let go.

“I like the challenge of finding the drama in the mundane or the technical, and to highlight the human element in stories that otherwise could be a big yawn,” Anne said. “Sometimes that’s a tall order, but I try to find a way.”

Anne, who joined ROI Communication in 2013, has worked as a communications professional in tech companies for more than 20 years. Whether she is writing a profile, preparing a webcast or producing a live event, she is adept at helping clients communicate business strategy, products, sales and performance in a clear, engaging style. She sees herself as a translator – if she doesn’t understand a topic or find it interesting, audiences are unlikely to, either.

From a personal standpoint, Anne approaches corporate communications with a spirit of empathy, especially for rank-and-file employees who often find themselves confronting the challenges of change. Perhaps this is because she herself has experienced so much change over the course of her career. Some years after leaving the magazine world for Tandem Computers, the company was acquired by Compaq, which was in turn acquired by Hewlett-Packard. “As I was swallowed by larger and larger organizations with more top-down management, I became a stronger advocate for the employee,” she said.

Anne earned a BA in English, magna cum laude, from the University of Santa Clara. In 2013, she received a Certificate in Professional Editing from the University of California at Berkeley. When she’s not working, Anne enjoys classic film, ballroom dancing, reading biographies and gardening. Along with Dexter – her West Highland White Terrier – she also volunteers with Furry Friends, a pet-assisted therapy organization. She lives in San Jose.