April Green

Program Manager

April studies aerial dance, much like that seen in Cirque du Soleil. She can help ROI clients reach new heights, too.

April Green likes to stare fear in the eye. And as a professional trainer and educator, she often does – helping other people confront their doubts and insecurities in a way that gives them confidence.

“Every person learns differently, and it’s a matter of figuring out where they’re coming from to communicate effectively with them,” April said.

April, who joined the ROI team in 2010, has worked in a range of training and educational capacities. For the past five years, she has worked at the West Walden Outdoor School, teaching grade-school students about nature and environmental stewardship, both in the classroom and on the trail.

April has also worked as a client relations specialist and database administrator for the Technology Vision Group, a matchmaking service for biotech companies and investors that organizes major conferences for the purpose. In this capacity, she handled all aspects of client relations while managing a large, complex database that was critical to the company’s business. Teaching others to access and use the database effectively required April to learn it first, herself.

“It took all of my own stubborn determination to figure it out, but I try to approach new systems with a fresh eye,” said April, explaining that this ability to learn from scratch makes her a better teacher and trainer.

This same spirit of observation and engagement inspires April’s creative side, too. When she’s not working, she acts in her own theater company that performs 90-minute plays that are completely improvised.

“Improvisation is a skill that everyone uses without realizing it. It is such a great skill for people to develop in life – and in business.  On stage, under the spotlight, you have to breathe, relax, and focus on the person you’re up there with. It’s the same in business relationships, too.”