Joelle Pauley-Fine


Joelle’s loves hiking throughout the Bay Area with her goldendoodle, Teddy, who was named after President Teddy Roosevelt. At work, she helps clients make the most of their bully pulpit.

Joelle Pauley-Fine likes “figuring out what makes people tick and what excites them,” a passion that guides her work as a communications professional. “I believe the most effective strategies and campaigns start with two key questions: what emotion do we want to provoke? And what action or outcome do we seek?”

Joelle, who joined ROI Communication in 2017, began her career in journalism before spending 15 years in communications for organizations such as Sutter Health and Stanford University. She also served a wide range of clients as an independent communications consultant.

In these roles, she was responsible for developing communication strategies to advance enterprise-wide business objectives and providing strategic counsel for executives. Working with C-suite executives and their lead teams, she has served as a trusted communications advisor and speechwriter, helping leaders engage with influencers and stakeholders externally and internally—in their own backyards and across the globe. From preparing leaders for town hall events to big announcements and high-profile engagements, Joelle has helped leaders develop their unique voices and thought leadership. Her expertise also includes leading editorial functions, developing messaging architecture, mounting social media campaigns, planning and executing HR communication and benefit initiatives, writing and editing publications and collateral, and leading organizations and their internal stakeholders through change, such as mergers and other major initiatives.

“I cut my teeth on asking ‘who, what, when, where, why?’” Joelle said, who began her career as a health care reporter. “But it’s not enough to simply provide information and expect audiences to reach the right conclusion; you have to present a narrative that enables your audience to connect emotionally with the subject matter.” Storytelling is central to the human experience, she added, and the most effective organizations employ it as a tool to help achieve their goals.

A graduate of Georgetown University, Joelle earned a certificate in editing from The Poynter Institute/American Copy Editors Society and pursued a wide range of continuing education in digital communication, leadership, management and project management at Stanford University. When she’s not working, Joelle enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, reading biographies, practicing Feng Shui, kayaking, traveling and pursuing coursework in oenophilia.