Leslie Hess

Recruiting and Staffing Manager

Leslie is a volunteer in her community who has visited hospice patients, found homes for abandoned pets, taught children to swim and helped at the public library. “I’m an eternal optimist,” she said. “And I know I can make a difference.”

Leslie Hess has worked in many arenas – education, real estate, biotech, the toy industry, health supplements, staffing and communication. The common denominator? People. And as a Human Resources professional, that’s what she loves most.

“I’m a connector,” Leslie said. “I love building relationships, and making meaningful matches between people and opportunities.”

Leslie, who joined ROI Communication in 2014, believes that effective communication and human resources are integrally related. This belief guides her approach to both. “To be effective, I need to understand a person and their point of view, and that starts with listening,” she said. That’s why, when communicating, she’s intensely focused not just on what she’s saying but on what people are actually hearing and feeling.

Before joining ROI, Leslie worked in a range of leadership HR and development roles at Nordic Naturals, The Bay School, Mattel and Spherion, among others. In these roles she developed expertise in recruiting, resourcing, training, organizational development and compensation – skills that enabled her to find and engage the best possible team to achieve a given organization’s goals.

Leslie, a former swimmer and water polo player who earned a BA in Liberal Studies from the University of California, Long Beach, has a passion for the outdoors, especially the ocean. Appropriately, California’s coastline is often the focus of her photography. “I rarely go anywhere without my camera,” she said. “And I’ve always lived within 10 minutes of a beach.”