Mahela Shaw

Vice President

Avid photographer. Brings sharp focus to project management.

Combining expert project management skills with a keen sense of people, Project Manager Mahela Shaw helps executives and managers communicate with greater effectiveness, and helps guide organizations through challenging changes.

“It’s really important for leadership to present themselves consistently in an honest and approachable way,” Mahela said. “Employees know when they’re not getting the whole story, and sustaining credibility is essential to strong leadership.”

Since joining the ROI team in 2004, Mahela has helped clients raise the visibility and credibility of their top executives, communicate change and blend cultures during mergers and acquisitions, and engage employees at large organizations through events, online portals, publications and other channels.

Mahela’s diverse experience in strategic planning, writing, photography, documentary filmmaking, website development, employee engagement and event management all contribute to her creative yet straightforward approach to communication. “I like partnering with clients to find creative solutions,” she said.

Mahela, who earned a B.S. in Communication from Seattle University, is fluent in French and volunteers with Rotary International to develop public service projects around the world.