Susan Rogers

Vice President

Susan once studied plein air painting in the south of France. As a consultant, she always helps clients see — and communicate — the big picture.

Susan Rogers once canoed through a flooded cave in Belize, sometimes laying flat in the boat to avoid the jagged stalactites — and thousands of bats — hanging just inches above her head. The takeaway? Susan is cool, calm and confident navigating just about any challenge, whether it’s in a cave or in the corporate arena.

“Nothing gets me more excited than a big, messy, nobody-knows-what-to-do-about-it problem, and figuring out how to solve it,” Susan said.

Susan, who joined the ROI Communication team in 2016, developed her skills and judgment over 20 years at Buck Consultants, now a Xerox subsidiary. Working her way up from writer to consultant to team leader to principal to regional and international lead, Susan earned a reputation for building strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike — listening carefully, collaborating closely, and leading teams that always got the job done.

“Effective communication enables people to understand and execute business strategy better,” Susan said. “I like helping people and teams excel at both.”

Susan focuses on human resources and internal communication, with a particular emphasis on communication strategy regarding compensation, benefits and the employee work experience. In 2010, she shared these insights by co-authoring Communicating Total Rewards: How-To Series.

Susan is a skilled facilitator of leadership workshops and employee training and focus groups. She also enjoys the challenge of distilling complex ideas and challenges into concise, compelling stories. But whatever the story and its moral might be, she never spins. “Spin erodes credibility and undermines trust,” Susan said. “Honesty and authenticity are always critical.”

Susan, who is accredited as a Certified Compensation Professional and a Global Remuneration Professional, earned a BA in Journalism from Indiana University. She currently serves as a faculty member and technical advisor for WorldatWork.

When she’s not advising clients, Susan loves spending time with her family, cooking for friends, kayaking, and driving her Jeep Wrangler on off-road adventures.