Vivienne Tang

Senior Consultant

Vivienne once launched her own candy company, which taught her the value of visceral communication. “You need to sell to people’s senses,” she said. When it comes to helping clients connect with an audience, she helps them find their sweet spot.

Vivienne Tang believes the most noble gift you can give people is the means to empower themselves, and that one such gift is clear and authentic communication – especially in the workplace.

“We spend a third of our lives at our jobs and want to feel engaged – that our work matters, and that our company cares,” Vivienne said. With this in mind, she helps companies and leaders move past corporate-speak to connect with people’s emotions, often through images and actions rather than just words alone. “There are some things that don’t require a lot of rational thought,” she explained.

Vivienne, who joined ROI Communication in 2017, began her career as the editor-in-chief of The List, a Hong Kong lifestyle magazine. Hired as an on-camera reporter for Asia Television, she was soon anchoring the network’s primetime English-language news broadcast. After moving to the United States, Vivienne became a feature writer and media strategist for Hidden City Philadelphia, before joining Comcast as a content editor and strategist. While at Comcast, she developed and tested models for a new homepage, more than doubled click-through rates for external partners, and led the effort to revamp the company’s Xfinity brand voice.

Immediately prior to joining the team at ROI, Vivienne sharpened her project management skills at YouTube, where she managed large editorial projects that impacted millions of daily users around the world.

In all of these roles, Vivienne worked to engage diverse audiences – to understand their interests and needs, to tell compelling stories, and provide them with useful information. “People have short attention spans,” she said. “You have to get your message across quickly and make it worthwhile.”

A native of Hong Kong, Vivienne speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin. In addition to post-graduate studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Vivienne earned a BA with Honors in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics from King’s College, London, and an MA in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago. When she’s not advising clients, she enjoys boxing, painting, and hiking among California’s giant redwoods. She and her husband live in San Francisco.