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According to the 2015 ROI Communication Benchmark Report, a company’s financial performance is closely related to how effectively its managers communicate. Bottom line: As managers communicate more effectively, financial performance improves. Now, in one package, you can download all the materials you need to launch an effective manager communication initiative in your organization. Creating an Engaged Workforce: the Face-to-Face Communication Toolkit features training options and tools to address the manager communication deficit. Included are:

  • A modifiable Business Case presentation;
  • Three tested training options—e-training, classroom training and webinar with accompanying PowerPoint decks and notes;
  • A validated manager’s self-assessment questionnaire with an option to gather team feedback on his or her leadership behaviors using a similar questionnaire;
  • A Communication Quotient Quiz to test people managers’ communication understanding;
  • A step-by-step strategic planning template for communicating a critical issue to one’s team; and
  • ‘The People-Manager’s Communication Guide,’ a timely reference of tried and true communication principles and tips for managers.

Price: $149

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Here’s what others are saying about Creating an Engaged Workforce: the Face-to-Face Communication Toolkit:

“Managers who want to make a difference cannot find a better guide than Roger D’Aprix.”

Charlie Nordblom
Senior Vice President, Strategic Internal Communication
Volvo Group


“All the pieces are here, from the rationale that justifies the effort to the tactics that bring it to life. All you have to do is GET THIS KIT and start putting the pieces together.”

Shel Holtz, ABC
Shel Holtz Communications


“Roger D’Aprix provides a communication model of employee engagement that will help companies build ‘soft power,’ a power too easily ignored in the race for hard numbers.”

Dr. Rajeev Kumar, ABC
Regional Manager – Media
Tata Group Corporate Communication


“D’Aprix makes the clearest case available for focusing on face-to-face communications to improve engagement and performance in modern organizations today.”

Bob Libbey
Head of Digital & Social Communications
Pfizer Inc.

Roger D’Aprix

Roger, a Vice President of ROI Communication, is an internationally known communication consultant, lecturer and author. He has assisted scores of Fortune 500 companies in developing their communication strategies and redesigning their communication training. D’Aprix is considered one of the leading-edge thinkers in the formulation of communication strategy and practice for contemporary organizations.

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