Changemaking - Tactics and Resources for Managing Organizational Change

Changemaking – Resources and Tactics for Managing Organizational Change

December 8, 2014

It’s ironic that while most people know what conditions need to be in place for effective management of change, these straightforward needs are often missed. The intent gets the attention; the details of execution are forgotten. Changemaking, a new book by Richard Bevan, includes chapters focusing on tactics for managing organizational change, including:

  • Keeping change on track
  • Developing a summary document for change
  • Managing employee focus groups
  • Developing a workshop for planning change
  • Developing FAQ guides to support change

By employing these tactics, managing organizational change effectively can become easier to obtain.

Short case histories describe situations in which the approaches and methods have been applied. And the book includes guidance on the process of developing the various tools as well as templates for the tools themselves. Changemaking is built around resources that the author has developed and used in many years of consulting and teaching about the management of change.