The Credible Company: Communicating with Today's Skeptical Workforce

The Credible Company: Communicating with Today’s Skeptical Workforce

December 9, 2014

“Every CEO and communication professional should read this book and adopt the strategies outlined by Roger D’Aprix for tapping into the human energy of workers… A treasure trove of ideas on how to engage employees.”

– Milton Moskowitz, co-author of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For

Today’s organizations are undergoing revolutionary change that has turned their relationship with their employees upside down. Those employees, who are now the means of doing business in the Information Age, are increasingly skeptical, if not cynical, about the communication they receive at work.

For companies not only to be credible but also to perform in today’s competitive global marketplace, they need to understand that changed relationship and design communication strategies that break through the employee skepticism that gets in the way of performance.

Communication expert Roger D’Aprix provides a logical and successful strategy to inform skeptical employees in a time of turbulent change. Drawing on his experience as a corporate communication executive and consultant, D’Aprix offers a practical prescription for effective communication strategy: INFORMS (as in a communication strategy that informs).

The principles are:

Information—how information has become the raw material for today’s intellectual assembly line

Needs of the Audience—as the first cause in communication strategy

Face-to-Face Communication—the employee’s preferred mode of communication

Openness—as the antidote to skepticism

Research—to identify changing employee information needs

Marketplace—customer and competitive realities

Strategy—putting it all together in a coherent strategy

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Roger D'Aprix ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Roger D’Aprix

Vice President, Strategist

Roger is widely regarded as one of the most influential thinkers on workplace communications. A renowned lecturer, strategist and the author of several formative books in the field of internal communications, Roger has been with ROI since 2005. He is an IABC Fellow, a prestigious designation reserved to just over 100 communication professionals, as well as a recipient of the 2014 President’s Award from the Communication Leadership Exchange for his impact on the evolution of organizational communication.