2016 HR Challenges Report

2016 HR Challenges Report: Diversity, Data and the Downfall of the Annual Review

June 13, 2016

More than at any time in recent memory, the HR profession is facing sweeping changes and weighty challenges. We recently sat down with Chief HR Officers across the U.S. to learn their biggest challenges and what they were doing to tackle them. We summarized our findings in our 2016 HR Challenges Report, which we’re excited to share with you.

You can read all of the details in the report, but here’s a sneak peek at what the most successful HR leaders are focusing on this year:

  • Moving away from big and bureaucratic processes that can be very expensive and time-consuming to simpler, real-time processes that are closer to employees.
  • Focusing on culture and diversity from the top down, and encouraging everyone from the CEO to line managers to talk about the culture and visibly demonstrate it in action.
  • Involving employees to a greater degree in content creation and brand advocacy by giving them simple tools and a little bit of leeway.
  • Investing in data analytics to sift through big data and provide clear reports so companies can make faster and more informed decisions.
  • Making communication quicker, shorter and more frequent, and cutting back on the big, splashy, once-a quarter only announcements that are perfect to a “T”.

The report includes an in-depth look at the challenges and solutions shared by our study’s HR leaders in the 2016 HR Challenges Report. The good news is that these challenges can bring tremendous opportunity, enabling organizations to emerge stronger, healthier and ready for the future.

For access to the report, please contact us and we’ll send you a copy!