2016 HR Challenges Report

FIR interview: Lesli Gee and Nolan Sundrud on Challenges Facing HR

August 31, 2016

Can you relate to any of these challenges facing HR right now?

Why should performance reviews go away and what replaces them?

Why are we seeing a trend towards employee involvement and trust?

Why should HR professionals be concerned with internal communication?

Listen to this interview on the FIR Podcast Network with ROI Executive Vice President, Lesli Gee and Nolan Sundrud, to learn the answers to these questions and about other findings from the ROI 2016 HR Challenges Report, an in-depth report of the challenges and solutions shared by our study’s HR leaders.

Listen to the Podcast:


Lesli Gee ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Lesli Gee

Executive Vice President

A founding member of ROI, Lesli is an expert at change management and HR comms expert with more than two decades helping executives design and execute large-scale change initiatives to strengthen organizational culture, streamline processes and improve performance. A 27-time marathon runner and charity fundraiser, she has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies achieve their business goals.