Awaken the writer within!

February 1, 2019

The adventure of writing

Do you aspire to write content for a company’s social platform or intranet? If so, you’re on the verge of an exciting journey – to awaken the writer within! And if succeed, you might become an even more essential player in that company’s communication.

Why? Because the content on a company’s social platform or intranet can:

  • Give employees pride in their company’s culture and impact
  • Inspire them to higher levels of achievement
  • Spark collaboration and enable them to leverage the best practices of other teams
  • Announce and reinforce key messages from executives

Moreover, the content you write could help chronicle a company’s history and become part of its repository of knowledge management, searchable by employees in future years.

Feeding the beast
Social platforms and intranets require a lot of fresh content. Generally, this includes:

  • News stories – requiring the skills of a reporter who conveys the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of an event.
  • Feature stories – showcasing a person or team or providing a behind-the-scenes look at an announcement, initiative, innovation or strategy.
  • Key messaging – giving executives a chance to connect with employees through brief articles and Q&As
  • Content applied to a visual format, like memes, infographics and videos – these can typically generate more views and can be a fresh and compelling way to tell a story.

In addition, ROI has created fun interactive formats like employee polls and quizzes (some inspired by Mensa tests) at Adobe and other companies, complete with schwag t-shirts, caps and other prizes. Employees have loved them!

Achieving your best
Writing for these platforms is clearly important – and exciting. But it can also be frustrating and difficult unless you follow some proven steps. But if you persevere, you too can awaken the writer within.

Need immediate help? ROI has a team of expert writers, including one who wrote for President Clinton, sometimes while onboard Air Force One! Reach out to [email protected] to get in touch with one.


Michael Lynberg ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Michael Lynberg

Vice President

Michael is the author of eight books, selling more than 500,000 copies worldwide. One of ROI’s founding members, his writing has covered everything from sports to gift giving to business management. He’s an expert at crafting speeches, newsletters and executive messages. He lives in North Carolina.