ROI Forum hosted by Slack: Customer Centricity

ROI Forum hosted by Slack: Customer Centricity

September 13, 2019

The ROI Forum hosted by Slack brought together a group of internal communicators for discussion and sharing on the topic of customer centricity. Attendees included communicators from eBay, Google, and SurveyMonkey, among others.

Thought leadership topics discussed:

  • The standards of customer service are higher than ever before, due in part to the rise of personalized experiences enabled by technology (think Netflix and Amazon)
  • Leaders set the tone for customer centricity, in both their communications and actions
  • Focus on customers helps employees understand the purpose of their work, which leads to deeper engagement
  • Sharing the voice of customers, and insights and information about customers are key ways for communicators to infuse customer centricity into their organizations
  • Treating employees with as much care and importance as customers – or perhaps even more so – is also a powerful strategy for centralizing the consumer and driving employee engagement simultaneously

The Slack platform was first created as a tool for employees to work together and communicate internally – and just look at where it has gone from there!

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