Reinventing Today’s Workplace

October 6, 2020

The Enlightened Workplace Project

ROI Unveils the Enlightened Workplace Project, a 7-part, leadership development course

We live in a time of social upheaval and crisis, which has resulted in chaos, change and uncertainty in every type of workplace.

Companies that are navigating these challenges successfully are proactively approaching the employee experience with the goal of helping employees and inspiring them to live their best lives and deliver extraordinary results.  When employees can see work as a safe haven from the chaos in the world, a place where they feel supported and fulfilled, they respond by engaging more deeply and bringing their full self to work.

Why ROI created this leadership development course:

ROI’s CEO Barbara shares the genesis of The Enlightened Workplace Project: 

“This is a very personal and important project for me. I’ve been thinking about the workplace environment for many years, both as a worker and as the owner of my own business, where I get to establish the culture.

The workplace experience really comes down to relationships, and how people are treated, by their leaders, their peers and others in the organization. And leaders and managers play an especially critical role in setting the tone.

When I started ROI Communication nearly 20 years ago, I knew I wanted us to have a special and supportive culture, but at that time, some of my ideas were counter to traditional corporate culture. I believed that when you support, care about and trust your team, they do their best work. As it turns out, that is true.

Our personal experience both inside of ROI and working with hundreds of global organizations—in addition to in-depth research—are what informs this course.

Last year I had a life-awakening experience with cancer. It has brought me great clarity and a desire to do work that is meaningful and has the potential to impact the world in a helpful way. This project is a product of that desire. For me it’s not about money, it’s not about recognition, it’s about changing the experience millions of people have at work so they can be their most inspired, productive selves at work, at home and in the world.”

What is in this course:

Now, more than ever, leaders and managers have become the connection points to the employee experience.  They’re in a position to introduce new ways of thinking that reinvent outdated management practices.

ROI is excited to unveil an online leadership development course called The Enlightened Workplace Project. Focused on leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners, this course teaches how to create environments that are forward-thinking and thriving, thereby driving business success.

The course includes:

Module 1: Bringing your Whole Self to Work

Module 2: The Enlightened Manager

Module 3: The Enlightened Productivity

Module 4: Enlightened Communication

Module 5: Enlightened Collaboration

Module 6: Enlightened Conflict

Module 7: Actions & Implementation

The Enlighted Workplace Project.

Does your workplace inspire you and your team to thrive?

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