Facilitating virtual focus groups

ROI Tech Talk: Facilitating Virtual Focus Groups with Remesh

March 25, 2021

Making the move to virtual focus groups provides the potential to connect and engage with a broader and more diverse group of employees. And by adding the element of AI, organizations can get to the heart of the matter in minutes.  During ROI’s March Tech Talk, we invited Gary Ellis, co-founder and CEO of Remesh, to share best practices for tapping into employee insights in an inclusive, efficient, and virtual way.

Remesh is a virtual focus group platform that allows you to have live conversations with up to 1,000 people at once. The platform uses AI to analyze and organize your audience’s responses in real-time. You can dive into topics of company culture, diversity, equity and inclusion, remote work readiness and more.

Gary shared, “You no longer need to choose between gathering qualitative or quantitative. Today, with Remesh, you can get both. And along the way, you’re creating an employee experience that’s engaging, fast-paced and fun.”

Through a lively series of demos, ROI Partner Group members were able to observe how a virtual focus group unfolds—all without travel and associated time and cost.

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Byron Whitt ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Byron Whitt