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ROI Tech Talk: Building a Culture of Collaboration

April 23, 2021

Looking to build a true culture of collaboration in ways never thought possible? During this month’s ROI Tech Talk, we welcomed MURAL, an innovative digital platform that frees teams from the confines of conventional meetings and enables the sharing of ideas regardless of location. This new method of collaboration is timely, helps teams overcome “location bias” and adds spontaneity and creativity into virtual meetings.

MURAL’s Chief Evangelist, Jim Kalbach, joined us to explore how to go beyond the typical whiteboard to visually brainstorm, map processes, solve problems and make decisions better and faster through a variety of virtual tools and templates. Through his high-energy demo and fascinating use cases, Jim shared how storytelling, rituals and symbols can build a culture of collaboration. He reminded us all of Peter Drucker’s astute quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

As a member of the MURAL Partner Network, ROI  is well-versed in using this innovative platform and can help your organization develop an effective MURAL launch and adoption strategy.

What are ROI Tech Talks?

ROI Partner Group Tech Talks are invite-only sessions, designed exclusively for ROI Partner Group members and special ROI guests. During these sessions, members are invited to explore the featured platform, share best practices on how they’re using it, discuss launch and adoption challenges, and talk about ways that they’ve integrated the tool into their overall communication strategy.

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Byron Whitt ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Byron Whitt