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ROI Tech Talk: Change Communication: Meeting the Challenge with Targeted Messaging

June 16, 2021

More than 2000 years ago, Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said, “Change is the only constant in life.” Never has this been more true than during the last challenging year. Leaders have been tasked with communicating critical changes affecting employee health, company culture and the future of the workplace. Relying these changes through a one-size-fits-all, one channel-serves-all approach no longer works. So how do we strengthen our change communication strategy to take on this challenge?

During today’s ROI Tech Talk, we explored how communicators can develop a smarter approach, powered by technology, to tailor messages for every employee. To offer real-world stories, we invited one of our platform partners, Interact, to lead a conversation with ROI Partner Group members about the power of omnichannel communication and how to best harness tools to ensure seamless integration in the face of change.

Interact CMO, Scott Hitchins and Senior Strategist, Tobi Anderson shared models on how to use personas and consumer-like communication campaigns to deliver content to the right employee, at the right time using the right channel. Breaking through the information fog will continue to be a challenge in 2021, but with the right planning and tools, communication professionals  can meet the change with customized campaigns that reach employees wherever they are.

What are ROI Tech Talks?

ROI Partner Group Tech Talks are invite-only sessions, designed exclusively for ROI Partner Group members and special ROI guests. During these sessions, members are invited to explore the featured platform, share best practices on how they’re using it, discuss launch and adoption challenges, and talk about ways that they’ve integrated the tool into their overall communication strategy.

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Byron Whitt ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Byron Whitt