IABC World Conference 2021

IABC World Conference 2021 Session Preview – The Enlightened Workplace: Isn’t it About Time?

June 28, 2021

If you’re attending the 2021 IABC World Conference, be sure to attend ROI’s session on Tuesday, June 29!

Employees today want to work for companies who have a positive impact on society, who value their employees and treat them with respect, and whose purpose extends beyond profit-making. Business leaders of today are being asked to do more than they signed up for in terms of managing mental and physical health, social injustice, socio-economic crises, and political upheaval. Which is why NOW is the time to discuss what it means to have an Enlightened Workplace, and to take an insightful look at what drives and sustains employee engagement and high-performing teams that result in business success. Professional communicators are at the forefront of this movement.

At the 2021 IABC World Conference, ROI’s founder and CEO, Barbara Fagan-Smith, and Kristin Brownstone, Vice President, Strategist at ROI will discuss how to create an enlightened workplace, the importance of bringing the “whole self” to work, introduce The 7 Elements of an Enlightened Workplace, and will offer assessments for attendees to take.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Define what it means to have an enlightened workplace including The 7 Elements of an Enlightened Workplace.
  • Demonstrate understanding of bringing the whole self to work, enlightened management and enlightened conflict.
  • Take interactive assessments on session content to see where their own workplace falls on the enlightenment continuum.


BFS Headshot Dec_22
Barbara Fagan


Barbara is the founder of ROI. Named one of Silicon Valley’s most influential women and a lifelong nature lover, author and inspirational speaker, Barbara has devoted her career to improving the lives of employees and strengthening their relationship to their families, their passions and their work.

Kristin Brownstone ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Kristin Brownstone

Vice President, Strategist

Kristin has nearly 30 years of experience helping billion-dollar companies make a positive impact on the world. A certified executive coach, author, public speaker and Sparketype Advisor, her expertise has been sought out by leaders at Adobe, Apple, CEMEX, Amazon and numerous other businesses.