ROI Tech Talk: A Simplified Employee Experience with Workvivo.

ROI Tech Talk: A Simplified Employee Experience with Workvivo

November 24, 2021

ROI Partner Group Tech Talks are invite-only sessions, designed exclusively for ROI Partner Group members and special ROI guests to learn about new employee experience and communication apps.

A Simplified Employee Experience with Workvivo

The scenario should feel familiar: your company has started exploring the latest software to improve the employee experience. Then, halfway through the exciting notion of launching an engaging platform that employees love and use all day, the realization hits your team and leadership: it doesn’t integrate with the current platforms the company uses. Internal communications are sent through Outlook, file storing is in Box, video on Zoom, and chat in Slack.

Employee Experience, Internal Communications, and HR teams are constantly faced with researching a maze of available integrations, only to eventually settle on having a team member publish content across multiple systems. And while the problem of ‘getting systems to talk’ takes center stage, what often gets lost is the focus on a simple user experience that helps employees get the information they need, when they need it. That was, after all, the whole point in the first place.

So then: what is a solution to both seamlessly integrating platforms and having an easy, noncomplicated interface that makes life easier for your employees?

Welcome Workvivo

Enter ROI Tech Partner, Workvivo. What they’ve created is an employee experience app that combines the company news and people content that employees need, integrated it with the industry’s most adopted platforms like Microsoft, and packaged it all in a user-friendly social media platform.

How the platform engages its users:

Keeping it Interesting:

You want galleries, videos, livestreams, and podcasts – you got it! Workvivio’s platform shares important company news, while staying laser focused on making content engaging and topical (and encouraging team bonding topics like: whose grandma makes the best pie).

Keeping it Integrated:

We need to work fast today, we don’t have time to create complex tech stacks. It has out of the box integrations with 365, Box, and popular HR portals. One login to open one knowledge library? Done.

Keeping it Measured:

Workvivo has analytics that are easy to read and provided in real time. The platform measures everything from individual post interactions, small-to-midsized group surveys, all the way up to company-wide engagement metrics like daily logins.

At the end of the day, it’s all about community. The employee experience is about how connected and valued people feel. Workvivo’s answer to creating belonging and community is by prominently featuring shoutouts, digital badges and awards. Their goal is to encourage leaders and managers to create a culture of recognition and to win what Workvivo’s Rob Dumigan calls, “the battle for hearts and minds.” And in support of inclusive workplace, their platform even automatically translates based on region and preference.

Workvivo’s best-in-class social media and intranet combo works in today’s age of a growing hybrid and dispersed workforce.


Thank you to Workvivo’s Director of Solutions Rob Dumigan, VP of Business Development Fergus Moroney, and to Workvivo current user and ambassador, Colleen Low Larkin from Seneca Resorts for sharing their platform and user experience with the ROI Partner Group.

To schedule a live demo of Workvivo’s platform, click here.


Andrea Gonzalez ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Andrea Gonzalez

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