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November 2021 Tech Talk Recap: Centralizing the Digital Employee Experience with Workvivo

The shift to hybrid work has elevated the need for organizations to implement intuitive digital employee experience technologies that foster engaging communication and collaboration while also performing core business functions.

ROI Tech Partner, Workvivo, offers their solution to this need with their centralized communication platform. It combines the ease of a social network, intranet and work-collaboration app into one central digital sphere while staying highly focused on developing an inclusive and strong workplace culture.

Workvivo Features: A Live Demo

Director of Solutions at Workvivo, Rob Dumigan, gave a live demonstration to members of the ROI Partner Group on how employees can interact with their platform (both via desktop and mobile app) and showcased the features that allow it to serve as a digital organizational center of gravity.

  • Business Functions: The platform can serve as an information hub for areas such as onboarding, wellness and benefits, document work-sharing, knowledge libraries, people directory, organizational values and company newsletters.
  • Employee Experience: Employees interact with Workvivo in customized activity feeds that populate as they are assigned to departments and teams, join common interest communities, are sent surveys or polls, or connect with their peers. Robust integrations provide a singular access point for other platforms, removing digital complexity from the employee experience.
  • Content and Culture: Communications can be formatted as posts, galleries, videos, livestreams, podcasts, articles, or conversations to drive meaningful connections. Shoutouts, digital badges and awards are featured prominently to win what Rob described as the “battle for hearts and minds” as leaders look to promote a culture of recognition.
  • Analytics: Easily operated admin portals generate automated and customizable dashboards that provide engagement insights and metrics. Data is available at the granular level of individual posts up to the macrolevel of platform visits or survey responses.

Active Use Case and Q&A

During the demo, Fergus Moroney, VP of Business Development at Workvivo, introduced Colleen Low Larkin from Seneca Resorts to relay how her dispersed and hybrid workforce has activated Workvivo from their HR functions to their Microsoft integrations, all while lifting their employee communication engagement with simplified administrative workstreams. A highly active Q&A ensued, with Workvivo responding to questions on detailed deployment tactics and analytic use cases by Partner Group members who were interested in adopting their platform in the future.

What are ROI Tech Talks?

ROI Partner Group Tech Talks are invite-only sessions, designed exclusively for ROI Partner Group members and special ROI guests. During these sessions, members are invited to explore the featured platform, share best practices on how they’re using it, discuss launch and adoption challenges, and talk about ways that they’ve integrated the tool into their overall communication strategy.

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