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About ROI

We are a 100% employee-owned company crafting innovative communication and employee engagement strategies for the world’s leading companies

We believe people + purpose = inspired action and extraordinary results.

For us, inspiring people and helping them find purpose in what they do — there’s no greater calling.

ROI Communication is an internal communication and employee engagement agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area with roughly 100 employees located across North America and Europe. We specialize in helping businesses achieve their very best through inspired communication and engagement. 
We’ve spent the last 20 years partnering with the world’s leading companies, helping them to inspire their people to perform at their highest level. Whether it’s through organizational planning, change enablement, messaging and creative development, strategy implementation, or measuring results, there’s no challenge we’re not ready to tackle. 
In 2021, following our 20th year in business, we became a 100% employee-owned company, one of few like it in the United States.

What we believe

ROI creates inspired cultures that are the cornerstone of business success. Because without inspiration, potential is wasted. Productivity is sabotaged. Personal fulfillment goes unmet. Without inspiration, companies with every possibility of greatness fail to thrive.

We are on a never-ending quest to unite people with purpose. When people are inspired together, extraordinary happens. Organizations flourish. The world is changed for the better.

We are catalysts that transform companies into communities. We dig deep to understand what makes an organization unique. Then we craft communications that connect—every message is a thread weaving culture together over weeks, months and years and through innovations and transformations. The stronger the fabric, the more successful the business.

We are the spark that ignites success. Truth seekers and strategic thinkers, our vision is driven by decades of expertise. Our breakthrough plans are attuned to the pulse of today’s most innovative trends and ideas—and they are always grounded in client goals. We honor successes, both large and small, because foundations of strong, enduring companies are built of both pebbles and boulders.

We are uniters. Our touchstones are caring, connection and respect. Humanity is infused into every decision we make and every recommendation we give. This approach radiates into the way people interact and react, inspiring them to reach above and beyond their potential.

Our values

We are committed to our company values, and they are evident in all that we do:

Cultivate a Healthy Team

We are balanced, inclusive, collaborative, energetic, fun, creative, positive and continuously learning and growing.

Focus on Customers

We are insightful, experienced, proactive, business-minded, responsive and flexible partners.

Maintain High Standards

We deliver excellence and quality in everything we do.

Respect Each Other

We treat our team members, clients and partners with respect, honoring everyone as equal, valuable and important.

Make a Difference

We are committed to adding value, building relationships and delivering results for each other, our clients, our communities and the world.

Act with Integrity

We are authentic, trusted, respected, accountable and reliable.

A few of our clients

ROI is one of the world’s most experienced employee engagement companies. We work with modern, global organizations, impacting millions of employees across dozens of industries.

Our Clients

Our award-winning work

Our success is our client’s success. We partner with clients to deliver globally acclaimed programs for their employees.

Join our team

We’re continually looking for strategic, creative and passionate people to join our dynamic team. Here at ROI, you’ll have the opportunity to do fulfilling work, build strong relationships and make a difference in the world. Interested in learning more? Send us your resume!