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Where work-life and life-life truly balance.

At ROI, we take our work seriously. But we also believe in the importance of living full, healthy, independent lives. Whether that means having time to spend with our loved ones or devoting a few days a week to pursuing a master’s degree or traveling around the world for six months, we firmly believe that the purpose of work is to enhance our lives, not the other way around.

It’s a model that’s worked for us for over 20 years, and it’s why our average employee tenure surpasses most businesses like ours.

We don’t just talk about work-life balance. We actually prioritize it.

“The flexibility I have at ROI lets me go to doctor appointments, see my children's sports games, pick them up from practice, have family game nights and go on multiple hiking trips on the weekend.”

Melissa Logan ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Melissa Logan

Senior Manager of Operations

“Willingness to be open about theatre projects with my work mates is new. I used to go to great lengths to “closet” this part of myself at work for fear of what bosses and co-workers would think.”

Kristin Brownstone ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Kristin Brownstone

Vice President, Strategist

“Thank you, ROI, for offering a progressive, supportive culture—and colleagues at all levels who truly embrace the joy and necessity of a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.”

Dawn Speed ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Dawn Speed

Vice President, Strategist

"It has been so nice to be available for every one of my kids’ events and activities over the years and not have to stress about taking time off not to miss anything. Whether it’s a school event, practice, game or just taking time to be with them after school, the flexibility has allowed me to adjust my schedule to be available for them."

John Kidon ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
John Kidon

Vice President, Creative Director

“Thanks to ROI, I’ve supported more than 40 different client accounts—now that’s what I call a nice variety of work!”

Jodi Huffman ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Jodi Huffman


“As an expat, it’s a huge relief to know that, if/when needed, I can leave for a few weeks or even months and temporarily relocate back to Warsaw, Poland to support my ageing parents.”

“[ROI] is a warm, people-centered community, we have great clients, and we get to do high caliber work that matters.”

Cathy Boone ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.
Cathy Boone

Vice President, Strategist

We’re currently not hiring; please check back at a later time.

Felxibility, culture, purpose, ownership - internal communications jobs.

Working at ROI isn’t like most jobs.

You get incredible benefits that support a healthy lifestyle and a comfortable office setup. We work with you to make sure your personal and your professional schedules are balanced.

You’ll also get to work alongside some of the brightest minds and have a direct hand in helping the world’s leading companies achieve their very best — brands like Apple, Nike, Adobe, PepsiCo, Blue Shield, Autodesk and so many more.

Oh, and to top it all, you’ll get to be an employee owner, giving you a direct share in the profits of our company.

Flexible schedule
Work From Anywhere allowance
Employee owned
Medical, dental
& vision
Wellness benefit
401(k) + match
Employee stock
Life insurance
Pet insurance

Our values, loud and clear

A silhouette of a person looking out at clouds in a circle cutout of a black square - internal communication jobs.
Act with Integrity
We are authentic, trusted, respected, accountable and reliable.
Woman in a green velvet suit jumping with hands up with confetti falling around her - internal communications jobs.
Make a Difference
We are committed to adding value, building relationships and delivering results for each other, our clients, our communities and the world.
Person at the edge of a high cliff looking down into a canyon - internal communications jobs.
Maintain High Standards
We deliver excellence and quality in everything we do.
gray brick wall with a spray-painted image of a woman with rainbow hair - internal communications jobs.
Respect Each Other
We treat our team members, clients and partners with respect, honoring everyone as equal, valuable and important.
skyline of a forest at twilight with a square frame overlay - internal communications jobs.
Focus on the Customer
We are insightful, experienced, proactive, business-minded, responsive and flexible partners.
a smiling woman wearing a black turtleneck with long hair and closed eyes.
Cultivate a Healthy Team
We are balanced, inclusive, collaborative, energetic, fun, creative, positive and continuously learning and growing.

We actively nurture an environment where everyone is respected and safe, feels a sense of belonging and purpose and can fully contribute their ideas and talents to drive measurable, meaningful, action-oriented change.

How we value inclusion & diversity

We are proud of the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our team members, and we seek to bring even more diversity to our team as we grow over time. As a team member here, your voice will matter. You’ll be free to speak up and be your full, individual self.

After all, the whole reason clients hire us is for our people. So we want you to be you. We want you to let your true flag fly