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ROI developed and launched a multi-year strategic initiative to empower leadership, foster employee engagement and reinforce the company’s strategy, values, culture and brand.

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After conducting employee interviews and research, we discovered that Symantec employees were unclear about the company’s strategy and objectives, and did not see themselves as operating as part of one global company. They were uncertain about how they fit into Symantec’s long-term strategy and how they could make a difference with the work they were doing.


We approached this challenge with a global, comprehensive communication and change management strategy and program to increase employee understanding of Symantec’s vision, mission, strategy and goals. We also equipped leaders and managers with innovative and impactful tools to improve their communication effectiveness and increase leadership visibility.

Senior Leader Forums • Company-Wide Communication Cascade • Interactive Creative Solutions • Measurement and Evaluation of Outcomes • Multi-Year Campaign Identities

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Powerful visuals to communicate Symantec’s
fundamental vision and values

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Translating the vision and strategy into
action across the organization

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Journey Map to outline growth
strategy and tell the Symantec story

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Engaging tools to facilitate group discussions
and leader communications

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Interactive senior leader meeting and
workshops to align managers

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An internal brand that speaks to
the employee experience


After a six-month worldwide rollout (85% of Symantec’s 17,000+ employees participated), Symantec reported improved employee engagement, alignment and sentiment. 80% of employees reported a “high” understanding of Symantec’s vision and strategy for success, and 79% said they better understood the importance of global employee engagement for the business and their individual role in the long-term success of the company. Due to the success of the communication and change strategy and rollout, the program was expanded into a multi-year campaign.