ROI was brought in for the initial announcement and to manage Toyota’s multi-year employee communication and culture change program as Toyota integrated its separate North American affiliates into one, new organization – Toyota Motor North America.

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With the decision to combine its distinct affiliates in North America into one integrated business and establish a new headquarters location, Toyota needed to ensure that its employees and their families understood the business rationale and were aligned behind the vision for Toyota’s future. Toyota also needed to establish new communication vehicles, put its leaders and managers in a position to be effective change agents and communicators, and assist employees during this time of significant change.


Our strategy and plan included a combination of education, creativity, change management and support at all levels of the company. From senior leader and HR change workshops to developing communication materials that explained why the integration is critical for the company’s sustained growth, the integrated approach helped inspire excitement for the future for Toyota Motor North America. Ongoing efforts to answer employee questions and provide information about the personal impact of the changes ensure that employees are heard and respected through the process.

Messaging Platform • Senior Leader Meetings and Communication • Change Workshops • Move Centers • Website • Employee Policy Communication • Communication Coordination
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One Toyota Hub dedicated
to the initiative

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Change workshops and tools
for senior leaders

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Visual, just-in-time materials for
employees and families

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Creative formats to build
employee understanding

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Infographics illustrate a compelling story
and create an internal brand

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Families are given special consideration
with dedicated materials


The integration of the affiliates was seamlessly communicated to all U.S. employees, and following the communication, 83% of employees understood the reasons for unifying the company’s headquarters. The business and culture transformation continues with a robust communication and change strategy to be measured along the way.