The ROI Benchmark Report

Discover the trends, challenges and impact of employee communication.

The ROI Benchmark Report is the most comprehensive survey of employee communication at large companies, delivering insight into the impact of communication on culture, company and business success.

About the ROI Benchmark Report

Established in 2013, the ROI Benchmark Report is a bi-annual report that digs into the trends making an impact on the world of communication—and how communication makes an impact on the business.

The 2019/2020 report synthesizes input from 113 senior communications leaders representing the world’s most vibrant companies into a powerful snapshot of the state of communication today. Together, their insights reveal the most pressing issues and opportunities facing the communications industry.

Readers will walk away with a clear roadmap of priorities and be able to:

  • Quantify strengths and weaknesses of their employee communication function
  • Compare their communication performance to others
  • Better understand which technology platforms are being implemented at peer companies
  • Access industry data needed to support their strategy and initiatives

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The ROI Communication Model

The ROI Communication Model provides a planning and management framework for evaluating a communication organization’s capabilities and effectiveness. Based on decades of experience, research and professional input, the framework helps organizations improve the performance of their employee communication function.

The ROI Benchmark survey is built upon the model’s three core areas:
The ROI Communication Model

ROI Benchmark Report Participants

More than 100 senior communication leaders from large public and private companies, across a wide range of industries, participate in the survey. These leaders share trends shaping the industry and rate the effectiveness of communication at their companies, representing the experiences of almost 4 million employees.

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The ROI Benchmark Report

is the most comprehensive survey of employee communication at large companies. You’ll find insights into the methods and technologies transforming today’s communication experience. The 2019/2020 ROI Benchmark Report is now available!

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Custom reports compare your organization’s communication effectiveness against the responses of those in your industry, as well as the benchmark overall. A custom report includes a consultation with ROI.

The 2019/2020 ROI Benchmark Report

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