The origins of our employee communication company.

We’ve been crazy about employees since the beginning.

In 2001, Barbara Fagan saw an opportunity. As the director of employee communications at Quantum Corporation, she knew how important communication was for a business to succeed, and yet few companies seemed to be investing in it.

She decided to start her own company focused entirely on employee communication and engagement, and she asked a few of her closest colleagues to help build it. They called themselves ROI Communication, and they set out to change the way companies spoke to, interacted with and cared for employees.

A month later, they got their first chance. HP had just announced its $25 billion acquisition of Compaq, one of the largest M&A deals at the time, and ROI was asked to help oversee the transition plan. Our first client meeting was set for September 11, but the tragic events that happened that day forced the meeting to get rescheduled. Rather than be dismayed at the unfortunate timing, the team persisted, and before long HP became our first customer.

From left to right, Top Row: Barbara Baill, former team member, Barbara Fagan, Lesli Gee. Bottom Row, Mike Lynberg, John Pollack, former team member

Twenty-plus years later, we’re still at it. Many of our original founders are still with us, including Barbara (who still serves as CEO), President Sheryl Lewis, Board Member Barbara Baill, Executive Vice President Leslie Gee and Vice President Mike Lynberg. As a virtual company from its founding with a HQ in Silicon Valley, the ROI team continues to grow in locations across North America, providing our clients the best minds in internal communications and employee engagement.

After becoming the world’s most trusted internal communication and employee communication company and having served hundreds of companies and millions of employees around world, ROI continues its unwavering dedication to supporting employees so they can bring their best selves to work.

"Your first priority needs to be your own health and well-being. Your second priority should be the well-being of those you love—your partner, kids, parents and beloved pets. And when both of those are in order, you can bring your all to work."

- Barbara Fagan, CEO & Founder

Our path to employee ownership

In 2021, after 20 years in business, our company founders did something few owners do: they handed over financial control of ROI to the people who make it what it is.

Our employees.

It was a move that was quintessential ROI. Instead of being a traditionally run, private business owned by a few, every single one of us is now an owner of the company.

That’s important because it means every person here has a vested interest in our success — and in the success of our clients. It also means we’re here for the long haul.

So whether you reach out for support today or in five, 10 or 50 years, we can guarantee that our people will be at the heart of everything we do.

“Ultimately, strong performance depends on employees who believe their work has greater purpose — and believe in each other. Our company is no exception. And now that we own the company, our commitment is deeper than ever.”

– Sheryl Lewis, President

Celebrating the important milestones

ROI Company Timeline