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Our story

Values-driven leadership for over a decade

Over the past 19 years, we have become the world’s leading consulting firm focused on employee communication and engagement. And it all started with a commitment to improving the employee experience – both within ROI and for our clients. 

Our Story

In 2001, during a time of intense change in the marketplace, Barbara Fagan-Smith saw the necessity and often forgotten importance of identifying and connecting with employees. She founded ROI to help companies succeed during times of change by effectively communicating with and engaging employees. Our first client was Hewlett-Packard, who we helped with the acquisition and integration of Compaq. Subsequently, we have continued to work with HP through four CEO transitions and numerous other changes.

ROI has gone on to work with nearly 100 organizations, including 25% of the Fortune 100. Our clients span across all industries, and our work has affected several million employees in dozens of Fortune 500 companies. We have many strong, long-term client relationships built on a foundation of exceptional performance.

We have grown from three employees in 2001 to nearly 100 today. Our culture is focused on the well-being of our employees, because we know that healthy employees will deliver the best quality services to our clients. Given our special culture, we have extraordinary retention, with less than 5% turnover. We have been ranked as one of the best places to work in the Bay Area, and one of the best companies to work for in the United States for women.

ROI has become the world’s leading consulting firm focused exclusively on employee communication and engagement. We develop, implement and measure initiatives that improve communication with employees and deepen their commitment to achieving corporate goals. We have more experts focused on employee communication and engagement than any other firm.

Unleash the energy and talent of your employees. Partner with ROI to create a more engaged workforce with employees who are emotionally committed to the organization’s goals.

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Our Values

We are committed to our company values, and they are evident in all that we do:

Cultivate a Healthy Team

We are balanced, collaborative, energetic, fun, creative, positive and continuously learning and growing

Focus on Customers

We are insightful, experienced, proactive, business-minded, responsive and flexible partners

Maintain High Standards

We deliver excellence and quality in everything we do

Respect Each Other

We treat our team members, clients and partners with respect, honoring everyone as equal, valuable and important.

Make a Difference

We are committed to adding value, building relationships and delivering results for each other, our clients, our communities and the world

Act with Integrity

We are authentic, trusted, respected, accountable and reliable

About Living ROI

Living ROI is dedicated to helping people live a more meaningful and soulful life – both personally and professionally.

Created by Barbara Fagan-Smith, CEO of ROI Communication, Living ROI offers expert guidance through the practice of weekly planning, as well as insights, resources and support for those seeking to live a happier and fuller life.

The Living ROI Journal is a simple and effective guide that provides the structure needed to identify and live your best life – one that is authentic, rewarding and full of joy. Because, a great life doesn’t just happen, it is planned.

Living ROI

Non-Profit: Family ROI

Launched in 2005 by Barbara Fagan-Smith, CEO, and Lesli Gee, EVP, Family ROI is dedicated to helping families grow stronger and achieve their own unique vision of success.

Through seminars, workshops, tools and a workbook, Family ROI helps families of all backgrounds apply proven business principles to revitalize, focus and strengthen the most important organization in the world – their own family.

Family ROI is not affiliated with any religious or political organizations or agendas and is committed to making Family ROI available to all families. Family ROI resources are available to team members of ROI Communication.

Custom programs are available for organizations.

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