Transformation and Change Management

Activate change and make it stick

guide your organization through change and come out stronger

The majority of organizational change efforts fail. Why? We believe this happens when leaders fail to recognize that organizations do not change. Rather, people do.

Grounded in solid change management principles, our unique approach to change is designed to enable people to shift mindsets and behaviors. ROI helps organizations create customized strategies to transform their business and culture, and achieve lasting outcomes.

Our approach

First, we prepare for change by engaging key leaders and stakeholders, facilitating clarity and alignment around the change objectives, assessing resistance points, and developing a targeted change strategy and roadmap.

Next, we manage change by consistently articulating a compelling vision of the future, ensuring strong executive sponsorship throughout the process, recalibrating for leader alignment on an ongoing basis, designing tools and communications, and involving employees at all levels.

Finally, we sustain change by employing effective accountability and measurement systems, recognizing achievements and milestones, and collecting and addressing feedback.

Services we provide

Change Readiness Assessments • Change Communication Strategies • Roadmaps and Plans • Messaging Platforms • Visual Journey Mapping • Leader Alignment and Engagement Plans • Manager Activation Plans and Tools • Feedback Processes

Client Story: Turning Toyota Motor North America into ‘One Toyota’

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Toyota’s multi-year employee communication and culture change program.

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