Amy Williams

Senior Consultant

Amy Williams headshot
Amy enjoys baking because it demands precision, and making soup because it allows for creativity. As a consultant, she always helps clients discover their own recipe for success.

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, Amy Williams deserves credit for catalyzing a journey of more than a hundred thousand – the distance walked in an employee wellness campaign that left thousands of people happier, healthier and more engaged.

“It was around the time of the Rio Olympics,” said Amy, who worked at that time for a global healthcare company. “We gave every employee a Fitbit and created a really engaging visual campaign on the benefits of walking. The results showed me just how motivated people can get if you give them a good reason to participate, and make it fun.”

The most effective communication always flows from a spirit of empathy, she added. “People are smart, and generally want to understand. My job is to communicate the reason we’re taking action or making a change, and the purpose behind it, in a relatable way.”

Before joining the ROI Communication team, Amy spent a decade building her skills in the field. She began her career at Big Idea Productions, a Chicago-based animation studio, where she drafted the growing company’s first employee handbook, edited the intranet, produced live town halls, wrote and edited copy, collaborated with designers and answered fan mail.

Later, she worked as a communications consultant and project manager at Creativa – a benefits consulting company – advising clients on best practices and supporting their teams in communicating changes to benefits plans and other HR policies. She was so effective at her job that she was hired by a client, the McKesson Corporation, where she spent the next seven years and rose to become its Senior Manager for HR Communications.

“Whatever the project or challenge might be, I always seek to increase clarity and provide credible, practical solutions,” she said.

Amy earned her BA in English at San Diego State University. When she’s not advising ROI clients, she enjoys hiking and cycling, cooking, photography and playing with her puppy, a silver lab. She lives with her husband, an animator, near Austin, Texas.