Anne Kaplan


Anne is an avid rock-climber. She helps clients over the highest obstacles.

Whether it’s teaching a team of corporate managers the Hawaiian hula or planning a key meeting for a global client in 30 locations simultaneously, Anne keeps everything spinning smoothly.

And whenever possible, she tries to emphasize face-to-face communication, even dispatching executives to address employees at a multitude of dispersed locations. “With the rise of technology, face-to-face communication has really decreased over the years, but interacting directly still makes a big difference,” she said, noting that a lot of communication is visual, not verbal.

Anne began her communications career at Pacific Gas & Electric, writing features for its intranet. Soon she was managing frequent employee meetings with top executives, which gave company leaders and up to 800 employees per session the chance to engage as the company experienced dramatic change. She later served as primary speechwriter to the CEO and COO and directed kick-off events for a carbon offset program, launched a branding campaign to help make San Francisco the greenest city in America, and helped develop live and web-based training programs.

Following her tenure at PG&E, she worked as a communications professional at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in Golden, Colorado. Since joining ROI Communication in 2009, Anne has worked on a variety of projects including executive communications, sales communications, mergers and acquisitions, leadership events, videos, and focus groups. A graduate of Claremont McKenna College, she is fluent in Spanish.