Anthony Bandoly

Sharepoint Consultant

Anthony loves problem solving and is an avid puzzler. As a SharePoint consultant, he seeks to help clients realize their goals in the ever-evolving SharePoint landscape.

During the time when many children are consumed with the latest cartoons and superhero movies, Anthony Bandoly could be found eagerly working on one of his latest projects. From balsa wood flying contraptions to outdoor forts to a Segway-style self-balancing robot, Anthony’s passion for building things couldn’t be fulfilled.

“I’ve taken my passion for creating wonderful things and applied it to clients’ business needs in the context of SharePoint.” said Anthony, who now serves as a SharePoint consultant for ROI Communications. “I find that the vast majority of clients aren’t aware of just how much we can accomplish with SharePoint.

Combining the skills he learned while earning his Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech. with his intimate knowledge of SharePoint and the many Office 365’s offerings, Anthony is able to guide clients through the process of problem definition to solution architecture to implementation. “I truly enjoy having the opportunity to problem solve with the client and deliver solutions that satisfy their needs, who doesn’t like to make people happy?”

Anthony joined the ROI team in 2019 as a SharePoint consultant and developer from Atlanta, Georgia. As a SharePoint consultant herself, Anthony has his mother to thank for his introduction to the platform many years ago. “I remember early on my mom had attempted to introduce me to SharePoint and initially it just didn’t click. Today I’m able to leverage that to gain a better understanding of the things that a client or end-user may be struggling with.”

Outside of SharePoint, Anthony has many passions including helicopters and unicycling that he picked up while attending Georgia Tech.