Bessie Kaine

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Bessie Kaine headshot
Bessie used to play tenor sax in a jazz band. When it comes to digital marketing, she knows that good performance flows from years of practice.

Bessie Kaine’s consulting career began when her dad – impressed that his teenage daughter repaired her own computer and taught herself design software – asked for help building his company’s first website. One thing led to another, and Bessie was soon advising a range of Beverly Hills businesses on the nascent field of digital marketing.

Years later, Bessie is still on the cutting edge of engaging people through digital media, advising clients in hospitality, entertainment, finance, information technology, the news media and other industries. “I love how marketing connects people with things they need and want,” Bessie said. “And that ‘how’ is always changing.”

Bessie has developed a correspondingly wide portfolio of marketing skills: strategy, social media, lead generation, content and experiential marketing, agile project management, brand management, online advertising, campaign optimization, stakeholder relationship and program management, workflow automation and marketing operations management, among others. She now works on ROI Communication’s digital marketing team.

“As a digital marketer, it’s my job to ensure that compelling information about a client’s products and services reaches the right audience. Customers need a good reason to spend their money, and I help provide that critical information” Bessie said. “Ultimately, you are selling trust. You have to be authentic.”

Bessie earned a BS in Business Administration from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, as well as additional training and certifications from Google, HubSpot Academy, IBM, Udemy, Udacity, edX and Market Motive.

When she’s not helping ROI Communication share its capabilities with potential clients, Bessie enjoys singing, playing the piano, listening to jazz, reading non-fiction, watching documentaries and getting outside for contemplative walks through nature.