Byron Whitt ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.

Byron Whitt


Some of the clients I’ve worked with
J. Crew.
Byron spends many weekends pruning, mulching and landscaping. As a consultant, he helps clients bring order to their tangled and competing technologies, too.
About Byron
King County, Washington

When Byron Whitt began his career as a newspaper reporter in northeast Alabama, some of his older colleagues still tapped out their stories on typewriters. Today, decades later, he helps large companies optimize their digital workplace, from intranets to social media platforms to enabling remote work. The constant throughout his career? Communicating important information in the most engaging and effective way possible.

“I try to help clients get past the hype around any given technology so I can understand their fundamental business and communication goals. Because if you don’t have clear goals or a good strategy to achieve them, technology isn’t really going to help you much.”

After leaving journalism for the corporate world, Byron rose through a series of increasingly senior roles managing corporate and digital communications. He began as a project manager for corporate communications at Cox Enterprises, where he developed, launched and managed the company’s first HR intranet for 70,000 employees.

Later, as a senior manager and then the Director of Digital Communications, he introduced Cox to enterprise social tools, managed external websites, and supervised the work of information architects and developers. Ultimately, he was tasked with developing its Digital Workplace of the Future – a comprehensive strategy to increase engagement and improve outcomes by enhancing employees’ digital experience.

Immediately prior to joining the ROI Communication team, Byron provided his expertise through Slalom Consulting, a Seattle-based business and technology consulting firm that advises large companies across North America and Europe. In this role, he helped clients such as T-Mobile, Tableau and Microsoft develop technology roadmaps, manage change, implement new software platforms, track key performance indicators, integrate HR platforms and develop their digital workplace strategies.

“I’ve found that people in communications and people in IT don’t always understand each other. But over time, I’ve become very attuned to the interplay between communication strategy and technology, and how to bridge that gap.”

A graduate of the University of Alabama, Byron has earned certifications in several programs, including administration of Yammer and Jive, as well as Scrum project management.

When he isn’t collaborating with clients to optimize their communication technology, Byron enjoys cooking, hiking and exploring the Pacific Northwest, along with his husband, in their Airstream. He lives in Seattle.