Chanta Rand

Instructional Designer

Chanta Rand
Chanta has amassed a collection of more than 600 rare comic books, mostly focused on strong women and people of color. As a learning and development expert, she helps clients train diverse teams to achieve the extraordinary.

When Chanta Rand was a little girl, she and her sister were allowed to check out as many library books as they could carry. So every week, they’d cram eight or ten apiece into their family’s largest shopping bag and – each holding a strap – lug their trove home, together.

Decades later, as a seasoned learning and development consultant, Chanta is still collecting knowledge and collaborating with others to overcome challenges. And whether that’s the best way to train airport baggage handlers, teaching nurses how to open urgent care clinics, or creating digital coursework for greater safety in a global pandemic, she’s always looking to engage people in the most effective way possible.

“I always try to put myself in the learner’s shoes,” Chanta said. “I think about how they like to learn, what’s competing for their attention, and then ask enough questions to identify the most effective approach.”

Prior to joining the ROI Communication team, Chanta served as a Senior Advisor in Learning Strategy and Innovation at CVS, developing and implementing instructional and development strategy for 300,000 employees. Previously, she served as a Senior Instructional Consultant at Hewlett Packard, identifying development needs for a global sales team, revamping processes for a new incentive pay system, and designing a strategy to communicate those changes.

Earlier in her career, as a Senior Instructional Designer at Southwest Airlines, she developed a plane-based training program that increased efficiency and reduced on-the-job injuries, and published a graphic novel to help employees understand how to better serve customers with disabilities. She began her career as a learning and development consultant at Affiliated Computer Services, and later served as a Curriculum Designer for the U.S. division of Santander bank. More recently, she served as a Board Director for the Romance Writers of America, where she led its efforts to diversify membership among the association’s 9,000 writers.

“No matter what industry a client might be in, I am always concerned about the end user and what their experience is,” Chanta said. “I figure out what ‘best’ looks like first, and then how we’re going to get there.”

Chanta earned a BA in Finance from the University of Houston, and has also been certified in the Mager Design Methodology, Situational Leadership, Trainer Talk, and E-Learning Instructional Design. When she’s not advising clients, she enjoys reading, writing, traveling and volunteering in her community to advance social justice. She and her husband live in Houston.