Chris Cowlishaw

Senior Consultant

Chris Cowlishaw headshot
Chris is a SCUBA diver who loves exploring shipwrecks. As a consultant, he helps clients navigate the most challenging currents with confidence.

Chris Cowlishaw brings a unique perspective to communications – years of experience working on contentious lawsuits, evaluating legal evidence, interviewing witnesses, framing arguments, and observing lawyers persuade skeptical judges and juries.

“As a paralegal, I learned how to navigate complex problems, engage diverse audiences, and improve people’s expectations and understanding by communicating clearly and proactively,” he said. All these skills have proven highly relevant in his second career as a corporate communications consultant, a field in which he has worked since 2011.

“Whether it’s law or corporate communications, I’ve always believed in being supportive, thorough, and simplifying what I’m are trying to communicate. People need to understand the big takeaways.”

Before joining the ROI Communication team, Chris spent a decade supporting clients at Big Sky Communications, a national firm that specializes in helping companies engage their customers as vocal and credible advocates. While at Big Sky, he worked closely with clients including Adobe, NetApp, and VMWare to strengthen their customer advocacy marketing programs through greater employee engagement, effective storytelling, omnichannel strategies, and other approaches.

In addition to creating a wide array of content, Chris has developed training and awards programs, conducted market research, and is a highly skilled project manager. Prior to his career in customer advocacy and corporate communication, Chris worked as a paralegal at several Colorado law firms.

Chris earned a BA in Business Management from Western Colorado University, and a Certificate of General Practice from Kaplan College, formerly the Denver Paralegal Institute. When he’s not advising clients for ROI Communication, he enjoys hiking, biking, cooking, painting, and reading science fiction. He lives in Golden, Colorado.