Christen deMedeiros

Senior Consultant

Christen deMedeiros headshot
Christen spent several years working as a runway model. As a consultant, she always helps clients put their best foot forward.

When it comes to internal communication, Christen deMedeiros is guided by a simple philosophy: put people first. That’s because engaged, informed and motivated people are critical to the success of any organization.

“If your team isn’t engaged, you end up with a lot of work and not enough people to do it,” Christen said. “The environment has to be right for people to do their best.”

Christen brings nearly two decades of experience to bear on clients’ communication challenges, and has worked for or advised a wide range of global corporations and non-profits, as well as the federal government. Her initial focus is always on ensuring that a strategy aligns with goals, optimizing the potential for success.

“I’ve always been interested in communication strategy and how leaders motivate their employees in the workplace,” she said. As a consultant, she is adept at marshaling teams to make the most of planning, training, surveys, digital content, graphic design, intranets, social media, marketing, stakeholder relations, video production, live events, print collateral, measurement and other tools.

Prior to joining the ROI team, Christen ran her own consultancy and worked in a range of increasingly senior communication roles at the Bloomberg Industry Group, the ICMA Retirement Corporation, the Vinyl Siding Institute, the American Bankers Association, and Morningside Partners.

A Maryland native, Christen earned a BS in Broadcast Journalism and an MA in Organizational Communications from Bowie State University. Her graduate thesis focused on the differences between transactional and transformational leadership.

When she’s not advising clients, Christen enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, baking desserts, reading mysteries and contemporary fiction, traveling abroad and practicing yoga. She lives near Washington, DC.