Eileen Gillette ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.

Eileen Gillette

Accounting Manager

Eileen once considered a career in medicine. Now she helps ensure that ROI Communication maintains a healthy bottom line.
About Eileen
Santa Cruz County, California

For Eileen Gillette, accounting is a lot like detective work. In both cases, you’re looking for missing information and can’t stop until everything adds up. “I’m a problem-solver,” she said. “I like to figure out what’s wrong and correct it.”

Eileen, a member of ROI’s accounting team, has been working with figures her entire career, holding accounting roles in the software industry, food service industry, hospitality industry, digital marketing and consulting, among others.

This diverse experience enabled Eileen to develop mastery of GAAP standards, accounts payable and receivable, invoicing, royalty reporting, database management, multi-state tax filings, billing, general ledger account transactions and reconciliation, daily cash management, reporting and financial analysis. She first joined the ROI team in 2007, and rejoined in 2017.

Her software skills are equally impressive, including ADP; ADP eTime; Workday; MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher; Cognos Impromptu and Powerplay; QAD; Oracle; Sun Systems and Vision; QuickBooks; QuickArrow; Intacct; Peachtree; SagePro; BR Data; SFDC; Goldmine and MAS90.

“Software and numbers don’t intimidate me,” Eileen said. “If I don’t understand something, I find someone who does who can explain it to me.” Once, as a temp at a software company, she tracked down a $250,000 shortfall that had stumped all of the other accountants. Although the error did not turn out in her employer’s favor, company executives were still thrilled, because the mistake hadn’t been reconciled for months.

Eileen credits much of her success in accounting to her penchant for consistent standards, right down to the format of the spreadsheets she uses. Describing herself as a stickler for detail, she insists that every document be printer-ready, without requiring any reformatting. “I like order,” she said.

When she’s not crunching numbers, Eileen enjoys reading suspense thrillers, playing with her two orange tabby cats, taking long walks and spending time with her sons – one an avid glassblower, and another who’s a Major League Baseball prospect.