Elizabeth Lawson-Kurdy

Senior Consultant

Elizabeth loves a wide range of landscapes, including deserts, mountains, forests and coastlines. As a consultant, she helps clients navigate the corporate jungle with confidence.

As an experienced communications professional with experience in the financial industry, consumer companies and global consulting firms, Elizabeth Lawson-Kurdy loves using the latest technology to engage large teams. So it might surprise some people that she gets her best ideas by spending time alone in nature.

“I like to get away from the screen, and take myself completely out of a situation,” Elizabeth said. “Going for a hike and letting mind wander often leads me to unexpected insights.”

Elizabeth joined the ROI Communication team in 2019, having served most recently as an Internal Communications Manager at Green Dot Agency, an in-house agency of Deloitte, the global consulting and accounting firm. In this role, she led internal sponsorship communications and engagement for the company’s 70,000 U.S. employees.

An Arizona native, Elizabeth got her start as a journalist at The Arizona Republic, writing for a range of its magazines. Four years later, eager to engage audiences more interactively, she joined the communications team at AIG Financial Advisors – right before the 2008 financial crisis. As its Acting Director of Communications, she advised executives through the recovery, reassured external and internal constituencies, and helped rebrand the company.

“No matter how challenging a situation is, my philosophy is to be really open and collaborative with people, and get to the heart of what we’re trying to accomplish. Then I try to get people to think about those goals in new ways before determining a strategy or solution,” she said.

A graduate of the University of Arizona, where she earned a BA in Journalism, Elizabeth’s career has also included leadership communication roles at Cetera Financial Group and Johnson & Johnson. When she’s not assisting clients, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family, baking, reading fiction, walking her border collie and vacationing the shores of Lake Michigan. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.