Gretchen Rosswurm


Gretchen has published several short stories. As a consultant, she always helps clients distill their ideas for maximum impact, too.

The most enduring lessons that Gretchen Rosswurm ever learned about communication came from working in a diesel truck factory nearly a mile long – a plant where talking with people was the only practical way to share information, build trust, and deepen engagement.

“It was a challenging environment,” Gretchen said. “It taught me the value of building face-to-face relationships, and how much people need to feel heard and listened to. Even as communication technology has evolved, those fundamentals haven’t changed.”

Gretchen joined the ROI Communication team in 2019 from the Celanese Corporation, a global chemical and specialized materials company. Over nearly 15 years with Celanese, she held a range of leadership roles in global communication, marketing, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, and diversity and inclusion. Previously, she spent 13 years with International Truck and Engine directing corporate communication – a role that included managing employee communications and media relations in two large manufacturing plants.

She began her career in media relations for the U.S. Navy, working as a civilian employee in Yokosuka, Japan. Later, she worked in public affairs at the Department of Agriculture in Washington, as a communication specialist at United Health Care in Dayton, and as a Vice President at Hostess Brands, in Dallas, as the company emerged from bankruptcy.

“I always approach a communication challenge by asking: what is the company trying to achieve, and how do employees fit into that? What are people thinking and feeling, and how can we build an inclusive environment that encourages people to speak up, and share their true thoughts and concerns. These fundamentals are key to good teamwork and collaboration

A native of Indiana, Gretchen earned a BA in Organizational Communication from Purdue University, and an MA of Management and Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University. When she’s not working, she enjoys reading and writing, walking her three dogs, and traveling with her husband to National Parks in their RV. She lives in Irving, Texas.