Hali Paulson

Senior Design Consultant

Canning expert who creates unique preserves in the summer. Preserves meaning in PowerPoint presentations with slides that communicate clearly.

Hali is a PowerPoint consultant with nearly two decades of experience in creating, editing and on-site support of executive presentations.

Since the early 90s, Hali has been a consultant to Hewlett-Packard, having transcended four CEOs and two brand changes. In the meantime, she has delivered professional support and materials to a variety of ROI clients. She has the innate ability to quickly learn and apply internal branding guidelines to her work as required by her clients, but can always find a way to make presentations interesting and engaging within those guidelines. She is known for her ability to quickly produce world-class presentations under tight deadlines with the utmost in accuracy and style.

Hali received her B.A. in Art, with a minor in Art History from Santa Clara University.