Ida Linden


Ida is the captain of her rowing team, which travels each year to Boston to compete in the famous Head of the Charles Regatta. In the working world, she helps her clients outrace the competition, too.

Ida Linden is a competitive rower. When she and her teammates are out of rhythm, their shell lags. When they swing together, it flies through the water. This same approach to synchronicity informs Ida’s work as a communications professional.

“Strong, coordinated communication enables people to pursue common goals effectively,” she said. “When everyone shares expectations, understands their role and communicates clearly, things tend to flow well.”

Prior to joining the ROI Communication team in 2014, Ida worked as a Senior Account Executive at Larson Communications, a San Francisco public relations firm. There, she specialized in advising foundations, charter school organizations and education technology companies.

“I emphasize integrating all types of communication, internal and external,” Ida said. “Too often, companies neglect the people who can have the biggest impact on their reputation – their own employees. And in today’s changing world, with social media and other new technology, everyone can make their voices heard.”

Earlier in her career, Ida worked on Teach for America’s national growth, strategy and development team, where she helped staff strengthen their communication and fundraising skills.

“I’m good at thinking things through and then making them happen,” she said. “Whatever the project is, I listen to all sides and absorb as much information as possible before offering insights or suggestions.”

Ida earned a BFA in Interior Design from Iowa State University, and an MA in International Development from the University of Pittsburgh. When she’s not working with clients or out on the water with the Lake Merritt Rowing Club, Ida can be found devouring a wide range of magazines, developing her own beauty app and exploring the Bay Area with her sidekick, Mugsy the Pug.