Jennifer Mitchell ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.

Jennifer Mitchell


Some of the clients I’ve worked with
Blue Shield of California.
Jennifer has such a good sense of direction that her nickname is JennPS. As a consultant, she always helps clients navigate challenges with confidence.
About Jennifer
Bergen County, New Jersey

Jennifer Mitchell believes that life’s most valuable commodity is time, so she tries not to waste hers – nor that of others.

“People have choices, so we should only give them worthwhile information, and in a compelling way. Offering people information they don’t need, can’t relate to, or won’t act on is a waste,” she said.

Jennifer, who has been advising corporate leaders on communication strategy since 2004, traces this sense of urgency to the years she spent as a TV assignment editor and writer, covering local news in and around New York City. If her team couldn’t tell a compelling story in 60 seconds or less, an audience might click their remote and disappear.

Jennifer’s sense of storytelling proved extremely valuable as she advanced through a range of roles and industries. At Weight Watchers International, Jennifer spent four years managing public relations for the Northeast region, and national coverage for New York-based media.

She later transitioned into Internal Field Communications, helping develop Weight Watchers’ intranet platform and weekly communications for the company’s field leaders and 18,000 staff members. The job taught her that most employees care more about why they do a job than what the job actually is. “Knowing the core values that drive employees should always inform the way you communicate,” she said.

Later, at Hackensack University Medical Center, she served as Manager and then Director of Corporate Communications. Tasked with engaging and informing the hospital’s 8,000 employees, she launched its first internal communications function, built an effective newsletter strategy that reduced internal emails by 92%, established a highly popular peer-to-peer recognition program, and improved the effectiveness of leadership communication at employee events.

Prior to joining the ROI Communication team, Jennifer served as Director of Communications, Learning and Engagement at The Children’s Place, a national clothing retailer. In this role, she assumed oversight for internal communications, employee events, philanthropic work and development activities. She partnered with company leaders to align messaging with corporate culture and business goals, led production of intranet and weekly newsletter content, planned and executed a high-profile summer internship program, and refocused the company’s philanthropic strategy. She has also consulted in the startup world, supporting internal communications with a special focus on engaging Gen Z.

“What really motivates me is creating a better experience for employees, using communication as a way to reinforce the feeling that their workplace is an enjoyable place to go,” she said.

Jennifer earned a BA in Communication Arts from Villanova University, and has since mastered a wide range of software packages, primarily relating to intranet management, digital publishing, learning and development, project management, rewards and recognition, and workforce management.

When she’s not advising clients, Jennifer enjoys taking her two daughters to dance competitions, biking, visiting Disney World and volunteering in her community. She lives in northern New Jersey.