Jessica McFarlane


Jessica is fan of the author Jody Picoult, whose stories delve into the complexity of human relationships. As a consultant, she believes that trust is the foundation of all successful communication.

Early in her career, Jessica McFarlane worked at the New York Stock Exchange enforcing rules and regulations with non-compliant traders – a position that required her to maintain her poise despite the frequently coarse pushback from violators.

“I learned how to be in charge, and to always take the high road. Integrity matters. You have to treat everyone with respect, and follow through on what you say you’re going to do.”

And for the past 20 years as a communications professional, she has been doing exactly that – helping leaders articulate their goals more clearly, and helping employees understand and embrace their specific roles in helping their organization succeed.

Before joining the ROI Communication team, Jessica rose through a series of increasingly senior roles in training, change management and communications at Barclays Capital, Credit Suisse, Thomson Reuters and MasterCard, where she led major initiatives that encompassed virtually all aspects of IT, HR, Compliance, Marketing and Internal Communications.

This work included developing communications strategy, advising C-suite leaders, producing digital content and live events, increasing employee engagement, rolling out new technology platforms, partnering on diversity and inclusion, managing offsites and catalyzing organizational change.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping employees achieve that “aha moment” when they realize ‘this is where I fit in, this is what I’m doing, and this is why it matters,’” Jessica said. “I also enjoy helping companies engage their employees with the same energy and empathy they show their customers.”

Jessica, who is based in New York, earned a BS in Media Communications and Business Administration at St. John’s University, and an MA in Corporate Communications at Baruch College. When she’s not advising clients, she enjoys hiking, photography, writing poetry, volunteering, and traveling abroad with her family.