Joe McGrath

Senior Consultant

Joe has completed two marathons. As a consultant, he helps clients stay on course to achieve their long-term goals.

As an American working in London, Joe McGrath quickly learned that the United States and England are “two countries separated by a common language.” Even how he used a word as simple as “the” could sometimes tip the balance between authenticity and dissonance.

“Having worked at the company headquarters in Minneapolis, I had one perspective on the company,” said Joe, who at the time led his employer’s public relations in the UK and Ireland as part of its external affairs team. “But working in a foreign field office was a totally different experience. I really came to appreciate just how much local nuances matter.”

With 30 years of communications expertise, Joe brings keen insight and judgment to every engagement. Having worked in a wide range of settings, he has deep leadership experience in employee engagement, corporate and executive communications, mergers and acquisitions, change management, crisis communications, media and investor relations, product launches and public affairs.

Prior to joining the ROI Communication team, Joe ran his own consultancy, serving a range of global clients in the biomedical and healthcare industries. Earlier, he spent 16 years in senior leadership communication roles at Medtronic, in both the United States and Europe. Previously, he contributed to a range of large corporate accounts for Weber Shandwick, including Coca-Cola, Land O Lakes, Microsoft and US West. He began his career as a writer and editor at a trade group representing the hospitality industry, and later served as a consultant to an international MBA program in France that focused on hospitality management.

Throughout his career, Joe has embraced a simple approach: be direct, be concise, and be authentic. “I like helping leaders develop strategies and articulate messages that engage people, and that make a real difference in their lives,” he said.

A native of Philadelphia, Joe earned a BA in Communication at American University in Washington, DC. He traces his interest in the biomedical and healthcare industries to his early studies in pre-med, when he focused on biology and chemistry.

When he’s not advising clients, Joe enjoys camping with his two boys, running, reading, and wine-tasting. Previously, he volunteered for the Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California, serving as chairman of the board from 2011–2013.