Karina Shabelsky

Digital Marketing Manager

While flying her drone along the California coast, Karina has captured footage of sea lions, dolphins, seals and whales. To her, close observation is second nature.

Karina Shabelsky is a digital detective. By putting herself in other people’s shoes and following their electronic breadcrumbs, she comes to understand not just what they want, but need – clues that make her invaluable as a digital marketer.

“I love psychology and business, and digital marketing combines both,” Karina said. “I always want to reach the right audience with the right content, at the right time.”

Karina joined the ROI Communication team in 2020 from Bitfdefender, a global cybersecurity firm, where she worked to identify customer pain points and propose solutions. “I helped translate highly technical jargon into language that everyone could understand,” she said, adding that such language isn’t always written, but sometimes communicated through graphic design.

She comes by her interest in cybersecurity naturally, as her mother works in the field. Her father taught her the joys of tinkering, and fixing what’s broken. That combination has informed her entire career; prior to working at Bitdefender, Karina worked as a digital marketing manager for a company that builds pilotless passenger aircraft, and as an analyst and digital marketing manager at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

In all these roles, she honed her abilities in web and data analytics, social media and analytics, digital advertising and software marketing, search engine optimization, graphic design, web development, marketing automation and project management.

Karina earned a BS in Business Administration from San Jose State University, as well as a wide range of tech certifications from Google, Hootsuite Academy, Hubspot, Lithium Technologies and the University System of Georgia.

When she’s not working, Karina enjoys building her own computers, flying drones, taking road trips, photography, eating sushi and playing with her two Bernese Mountain Dogs. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.