Keith Cucuzza


When Keith was a boy in Pennsylvania’s Amish country, he often fell asleep to the soothing clip-clop of horse-drawn buggies passing his house. Today, he helps ROI’s clients harness their team’s interests and talents to achieve their shared goals faster.

As an organizational and communications consultant, Keith Cucuzza traces his professional interest in employee engagement to his upbringing in a working-class town in Pennsylvania, where many people – including his parents – worked very hard at jobs they didn’t really enjoy.

“My dad drove a delivery truck and worked in food service. My mom was a typist – 120 words per minute. They taught me the power of hard work, to stick with things, and to do a job right every time,” Keith said. “But looking back, I also realize there was a missing piece: a deeper sense of fulfillment. That’s why I really enjoy helping companies uncover their people’s natural interests and strengths, and align those with bigger goals.”

Keith, a self-described “culture mechanic,” joined the ROI Communication Team from Bridge Consulting, where he developed communications, culture and engagement strategy for major corporations. During his tenure there, he helped a client earn a place on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, conceived an award-winning benefits campaign that ultimately reduced a client’s healthcare costs by $1 million, and led other successful global business transformation efforts.

Keith began his career as a copywriter in the early days of web-based banner ads, developed user manuals for consumer electronics, and wrote website copy. Those humble yet formative experiences sharpened his ability to capture people’s attention quickly, and to distill potentially dull and complex information into simple, engaging communication. For example, when visitors to Blockbuster’s website were occasionally redirected to a 404 Error message, they would encounter a grace note of Keith’s dry humor: “Houston, we have a problem.”

Later, as a writer at the branding agency Organic, he helped define the digital voices of clients including Sony, Macy’s and The Home Depot, before shifting into strategy work for a startup where he earned a “Top 10 Intranets” award from the Nielsen Norman Group.  Subsequently, Keith worked for Right Management, pioneering methods for quantifying and strengthening workforce engagement, and serving as a founding member of the firm’s global engagement practice.

“I always try to zero in on the values of an organization and build on those,” he said. “I enjoy the process of uncovering both strengths and challenges, and converting data-driven insights into creative solutions.”

Keith earned a BA in English from San Francisco State University, a BS in Human Resources Management from Thomas Edison State University, and certificates in Technical Writing and Change Management from San Francisco State University and Cornell University.

When he’s not advising clients, he enjoys meditating, mountain-biking and playing his guitar, among other instruments. Recently, inspired by Mariah Carey, he taught himself to sing in the “whistle register” – notes above falsetto – and has combined that with Tuvan throat singing, in which two notes are sung simultaneously. He lives in Tampa with his wife and daughter, who are remarkably tolerant of his choral ambitions.