Kristin Brownstone

Vice President, Strategist

One of Kristin’s favorite quotes is by Anaïs Nin, who wrote: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” As a consultant, Kristin helps clients articulate truth with confidence.

When it comes to helping executives communicate effectively, Kristin Brownstone draws from 20 years of experience in corporate communications – and her own experience as an actor.

“I know firsthand the challenges of being in front of an audience – both that feeling of vulnerability, and the need to quickly establish a meaningful connection,” Kristin said. “That enables me to help others communicate with more empathy, authenticity and confidence.”

Kristin joined the ROI Communication team in 2018. Previously, she spent seven years as a Senior Global Field and Executive Communications Manager at Adobe. Most recently, she led all communications for the President of Adobe Americas, provided presentation coaching for senior leaders, developed sales communication strategy and launched a multimedia storytelling initiative to spotlight collaboration between the company and its largest customers.

“I like helping leaders hone their ideas and get to clarity, so that everyone on the team understands the goal and their role in achieving it,” Kristin said. “Ultimately, the best messages are simple and actionable, but it often takes work to distill them to their essence.”

Prior to her tenure at Adobe, Kristin spent twelve years at Sun Microsystems in various internal and external marcom and consulting capacities. Earlier, she worked in international public relations for Apple, and as an Account Executive at Regis McKenna, the Silicon Valley marketing firm. Kristin is also a Certified Life Coach.

Kristin earned a BS in Journalism from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and an MBA from Santa Clara University. When not advising clients, Kristin enjoys acting, reading, travel and spending time with her husband, teen sons and two cats.