Kristina Wallan ROI Internal Communication Agency Employee.

Kristina Wallan

Senior Recruiting and Events Coordinator

Many years ago, Kristina built her own cabin, where she and her family now go for peace and quiet under the redwoods. At work, she’s social by nature.
About Kristina
Santa Cruz County, California

For more than a thousand years, a redwood tree overlooking the Pacific Ocean slowly grew in silent majesty. In more recent times, after logging companies had felled thousands of the tree’s ancient brethren, Kristina Wallan found herself fighting to save the survivor.

Working as a logistics coordinator for a young environmental activist who lived atop the tree for more than two years, Kristina helped arrange media interviews, speaking engagements, contracts and other aspects of a campaign that ultimately saved the giant redwood and some of its immediate neighbors from destruction.

“It was extremely inspiring to work with someone who was so passionate about making Earth a better place, and whose example showed millions of people that each of us can make a difference,” said Kristina, who joined the ROI Communication team in 2018.

Kristina, who has decades of experience supporting a wide range of teams, companies and leaders, currently keeps the ROI Communication office running smoothly. She traces her love of organization and systems to her childhood, when she helped operate the cash register in her mother’s plant store.

Prior to joining ROI, Kristina ran her own event and wedding planning business, managed offices for a range of companies, and worked in music production. A graduate of Humboldt State University with a BS in Business Administration, she now lives with her family near Santa Cruz. When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking, camping, gardening and volunteering at her children’s school.