Melanie Barna

Senior Vice President

Some of the clients I’ve worked with
Warner Music Group.
Melanie has been a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and served as a judge at the Emmy Awards. Given her talents and professional insights, she’s able to give every ROI client a red-carpet experience.
About Melanie
Washington, D.C Area

Many people identify themselves either logical or creative, analytical or intuitive – the myth that you’re either the left-brained or right-brained … Melanie Barna’s background in both computer science and creative strategy suggests that the two are not mutually exclusive.

“It’s all about problem-solving,” Melanie said. “Any given project presents a unique set of challenges. I like to examine all the dimensions of a problem, approaching it with thoughtful, human-centered design thinking to build an experience that creates connection with the user.”

As an ROI Senior Vice President, overseeing teams in specialty areas that include creative, marketing, and digital experience, Melanie blends a keen eye for aesthetics with industry experience and technical know-how. Her leadership and strategic vision help to shape the company’s growth in creative and technology, fostering an environment where creativity and technology intersect to produce exceptional experiences for ROI’s clients.

“I have a passion for understanding that intersection between what people need to see, hear, feel, and experience in order to create concrete, measurable action. All of the disciplines I oversee and the projects I’ve been a part of have given me an opportunity to apply that passion to innovating for our clients and for ROI as a company.” More recently, she’s helped to build out ROI’s AI capabilities, leading trainings and educating communicators on the roadmap and impact of AI in communications.

Before joining the ROI team in 2010, Melanie worked as a creative director in telecommunications and in television broadcasting, leading creative strategy, supervising a teams of designers and developers, developing campaigns and overhauling brands.

Melanie earned a BS in Computer Science with a double major in Studio Art from the College of William and Mary.