Melanie Barna

Senior Vice President, Creative

Melanie Barna Headshot
Melanie is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and has served as a judge at the Emmy Awards. Given her talents and professional insights, she’s able to give every ROI client a red-carpet experience.

Many people identify themselves as left- or right-brained – either logical or creative. Melanie Barna’s background in both computer science and creative design suggests that the two are not mutually exclusive.

“It’s all about problem-solving,” Melanie said. “Any given project presents a unique set of challenges. I like putting things together that make sense and are visually engaging.”

And as ROI Communication’s Creative Vice President Melanie does just that, blending a keen eye for aesthetics with industry experience and technical know-how. “I have a firm grasp of what the latest technology can accomplish, and how to use it to meet client needs in the most creative and effective way possible,” she said.

Before joining the ROI team in 2010, Melanie worked as the creative director for the RCN Corporation, leading the telecom giant’s creative strategy, supervising a team of designers, developing campaigns and overhauling its brand. Prior to her tenure at RCN, she was an associate art director for WETA, a Public Broadcasting System television station in Washington, DC. There, she created print and TV graphics for national PBS programming, designed websites, produced advertising campaigns and helped lead branding initiatives. Earlier in her career, she was a graphic designer for Explus – an agency specializing in museum and tradeshow exhibits – and The Freedom Forum, a non-profit foundation advocating freedom of the press and freedom of speech around the world.

“In all these jobs, I learned to keep my work fresh,” Melanie said. “Your customers are changing, and you need to make sure you’re staying current, too.”

Melanie earned a BS in Computer Science with a secondary major in Studio Art from the College of William and Mary. An award-winning artist, she is also a marathon runner and loves to cook.